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Utility dApps on WAX

Utility Tools 🛠 NFT Wallet Tool 🆓 Alcor Tool CAIT Tool Transactions Tool AtomicHub Tool Bludac Tool Music Player Tool Reptilium Tool

NFT Wallet Tool 🆓

The included NFT Wallet Tool allows users display and transfer their NFTs from Taco App.

The display section includes a Search Bar, Filters by Collection, Segmented Controls to display To NFTs and the Total NFTs Value.

To transfer NFTs, tap on the NFT and click on the 🔄 icon on top-right. Write address and press the "SEND NFT" button.

Most powerful tool on WAX.

Alcor Tool

The Alcor Tool allows users manage their open LP positions. Keep track of them without switching app or going to the website. Users can add or withdraw liquidity from pools too.


The CAIT Tool lets users claim CAIT Project faucets from the Taco app. Faucets can be claimed one by one, or they can be claimed all at once with the "CLAIM ALL FAUCETS" button.

Transactions Tool

The Transactions Tool lets users explore their account blockchain transactions easily. This tool is created to easily distinguish between received and transferred tokens and NFTs. It's directly linked to bloks.io to have a deeper view of desired transactions.

AtomicHub Tool

The AtomicHub Tool allows users manage NFTs listed on AtomicHub right from the Taco App.

The tool allows to check, edit NFT prices, and remove them from sale. It also gives info likes suggested price, minimum listing price and fees for every item.

Bludac Tool

The Bludac Tool allows users manage pools listed on Bludac directly from the Taco App. It also allows users to withdraw and harvest their BLU token.

Music Player Tool

The Music Player Tool allows users listen to their favourite Music NFT right from the Taco App.

The tool works with the app in background too and has a "mini player" built in to play/pause, and skip tracks while users interact with the other screens of the app.

Music controls are integrated with every Bluetooth compatible device. Users can connect their smartphone and start enjoying their personal Music NFTs.

Reptilium Tool

The Reptilium Tool lets users keep track of RPLM obtained every week from the Reptilum Project drop every Tuesday. This tool shows all the owned NFTs eligible for RPLM airdrop and shows their RPLM/week.

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