Make the most of your cosmic hive!

The goal in Missions is to discover the universe in search for new resources, that can be converted into Hon through Quests in order to climb the leaderboard.

Missions Resources are: Lumingalgas, Magnetum, Stabilium and Hon.

The most pivotal resource is Hon, which serves as an entry to the Season leaderboard and is the currency to buy NFTs through the game shop.

Missions also make use of the other Farms resources: Hyperium, Oxenorite, Novacomb. Learn more in Gameplay.

Lumingalgas, Magnetum, Stabilium and Hon are not Fungible Tokens. They are in-game resources.

Hexplorers and Components

For resource collection, players require Hexplorers and Components NFTs. Learn more about Combz NFTs.

Hexplorers are Spaceships that can be launched in the space. They have a specific amount of HP based on their rarity. While they are out in the space they receive damage. The longer the mission, the more potential damage can be received by the Hexplorer. Their HP can regained using Oxenorite, a Farms resource.

Each Hexplorer has up to 4 areas in which Components can be applies: Cockpit, Bridge, Engines and Wings. Each area has an amount of slots in which Components can be applied.

A Hexplorer can also start a mission without max HP. Hexplorers need to have max HP in order to unstake them.

Components are the NFTs responsible for resource collections and Hexplorers protection. They are divided into:

  • Defense: those components have defense value in hour (example 10/h) and they allow the Hexplorer to receive less damage during the mission.

  • Gather: those components are the ones who collect resources during Missions. They always require one Farms resource in input, and collect a Mission resource in output.

Components have always an area in which they can be applied. Outside that area, they are not as effective as they could in their specific area.

All Components have a limited lifespan, after which they break. Staked components get burned and cannot be taken outside the game.

There is no limit on the quantity of Hexplorers and Components a player can possess.


To start a Mission, players must possess at least one Hexplorer (Spaceship) and one Component.

To start a mission, players must follow these steps:

  1. Select a Hexplorer

  2. Apply at least one Component

  3. Set for how much time the Mission will last (no limit)

  4. If necessary, fill the Production Tank with input resources.

  5. Apply Bonus (ONI and Sponsorship)

  6. Start Mission

Players can start a Mission by filling at least one slot. However, they will incur in a penalty for each empty slot when the missions starts.

Upon the conclusion of a mission, players can claim the generated resources and start a new one.

For each empty slot, or Components applied in the wrong area, player incur in a penalty.

Time and Damage

There is no limit on how a Mission can last in terms of hours. The more time a Hexplorer is out there in the space, the more damage it will take.

Hexplorers can receive up to 100 damages per hour. This damages are divided in:

  • Base damages: which consists of 10 damage per hour cause by Hexplorer consumption, which cannot be blocked with Protection Components.

  • Potential damages: which consists of up to 90 damages per hour. The amount of these damages is calculated every hour by the RNG and goes from 1 to 90. These damages can be blocked with Defense Components.

See below AI Events, as they affect damages too.

When a Hexplorer runs out of Health Points during a mission:

  • No Resources are gathered, no matter how long the Mission lasted

  • Tank resources are lost

  • Components still suffer from hourly consumption

Components lifetime consumption is calculated based on how the Mission lasts, no matter if the Hexplorer breaks or not.

Broken Hexplorers must be repaired with Oxenorite, a Farms resource, in order to start new Missions or be unstaked.

Whenever Hexplorers HP are restored, they go to the max.

A Hexplorer can also start a mission without max HP.


Players have the opportunity to enhance production using up to three bonuses:

  • AI Bonus/Penalty

  • ONI Boost

  • Venues Sponsorship

The AI Bonus/Malus impacts resources gathering and defense, both with bonus or penalties. Venue Sponsorship boost resources gathering, and applies to one or multiple resources. Meanwhile, the ONI Boost is a bonus in resources gathering that applies to all resources.

Are you a Venue Owner? Learn how to unlock Combz Sponsorships.


Hon can be collected by completing Quests. At the beginning of each new Season, Quests become available.

Players can trade their resources (Luminalgas, Magnetum and Stabilium) to complete the Quest and therefore claim Hon. A Quest can require multiple resources at the same time to be completed.

The same Quest can be completed multiple times before it expires.

Quests expires every 4 days, and are replaced with new ones. The requirements of the Quests — Resources and Amounts — can change.

Active Quests are visible in Mission’s Home page.

Faucet (Free)

As generous as bees, Combz offers a faucet of free resources to all the players.

Each day, players can randomly claim one of three available resources: Hyperium, Oxenorite, or Novacomb.

Those resources allow players to run their Gather Components, as they require Farms resoruces in input in order to gather Resources.

Additionally, a daily lottery is conducted to allocate a fixed quantity of Hon every day from the faucet.

This ensures that players can build confidence in Combz resources without requiring an NFT.


Players have the option to spend resources to purchase NFTs from the Combz Shop.

Within the Shop, players can acquire a variety of items including Combz NFTs, exclusive NFTs, other Taco NFTs, as well as partner and collaborative NFTs.

They can do it by paying a Farms Resource (between Hyperium, Novacomb & Oxenorite) + Hon + one or more Crafting Items.

Some NFTs will only be available for a limited time, while others will have a maximum supply.

All the resources used to buy NFTs from the shop are burned.


Recast gives players the opportunity of re-rolling Components. Players are able to reroll their component of a specific area (Cockpit, Bridge, Engine or Wings), and receive it another one of the same rarity, but of a different area. The new Component can be either a Defense or a Gather one. Recast link here.

Only unstaked Components can be recasted.

Players can recast their Components for:


  • Crafting Items

Recasting can be done within Venue Labs. Learn more about Venue Labs here.

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