We are here to stay

Web3 is going to have a major impact in the gaming industry. The reason behind this success is due to the revolutionary technology at its core.

The ownership of digital assets will change this industry forever. It will also encourage games to create their own products on different blockchains.

As a matter of fact, renowned institutes projected that Web3 gaming is expected to reach a 80 Billion USD value in 2030.

We are working hard to position ourselves as the forerunners in this industry.

Taco Studios is the ultimate Web3 Gaming Publisher, supporting NFT and FT with innovative Gaming, DeFi and Utility.

We want to facilitate access for new users with our native apps and engaging games, making a difference not only in the future, but today.

Thanks to our team, we are currently providing our community with fun games, stable tokenomics, and multiple use cases for our tokens... The complete package.

In 10 years we see Taco as a leading company in Web3. Although, we don't expect users to wait a decade to see our products!

This is the moment to make it happen, and this is the reason why our product suite is already one of the most popular across all blockchains.

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