Taco Studios Solution

A great market with multiple flaws: How Taco fixes this.

We have already seen that the Web 3.0. market overview is more than positive, but currently, Web 3.0. games do not meet players' expectations. We are striving to solve current issues of blockchain gaming and make a difference in this space.

We have already solved two of the major problems:

Games were not fun

Acryptia is an entertaining, free to play, skill-based game. Thanks to its smooth gameplay, simple NFT Integration, engaging community events, and an accessible Battle Pass, Acryptia is already one of the most played games on WAX and Web 3.0.

No more Speculative tokenomics

Before releasing the first game, we put in place a utility-first strategy for our tokens. Because of this, we created the first app on WAX where users were able to sign transactions. We also created a decentralized coin swap, where users are able to swap tokens of their favourite projects. These essential WAX utilities make our tokens needed on the blockchain, and not a speculative asset.

And we are working to solve the third one:

Easy and free onboarding on Taco

We are tirelessly working to remove barriers of access and - at the same time - guarantee the best decentralized and transparent experience to everyone. This will be a great step toward greater adoption, not only for Taco and the WAX blockchain, but all the Web 3.0. world.

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