Fun Web 3.0 games in a stable ecosystem

Since day 1, our mission has been to deliver fun games on Web 3.0.

We believe that blockchain can change the gaming industry forever, thanks to transparency, proof of ownership, and tradability of assets.

However, blockchain games have a history of:

  • Having a lot of entrance barriers

  • Not being fun (clicker games)

  • Being based on sloppy tokenomics

We are striving to solve the current issues of blockchain gaming and make a difference in this space:

  • Easy and free onboarding on Taco

  • Skill-based games

  • Articulate tokenomics with multiple use cases for each token

Because of this, we have created Acryptia, Brigade and we are creating more games in both Web 3.0 and 2.0 with NFT integration.

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