Venue Upgrading

It's not a race

A Venue can be upgraded to increase token generation, unlock Taco games and other Venue services.

To upgrade a Venue, a combination of TACO tokens, Ingredients, and Experience Points (EXP) is required based on Venue level.

  • TACO tokens: can be obtained in different ways. Learn more here.

  • Ingredients: can be crafted burning SHING on selected Venues

  • EXP: can be earned through Taco Games and Automators deployed at the Venue

Players are able to both manage and level their Venues in the Taco Universe App or the Taco Website Dashboard.

After a Venue levels up, there is a 16 hour cooldown before it can be upgraded again. Venues can still earn EXP during this time.

A Venue gets a Star Level ⭐ every 200 levels. When a new Star Level is gained, the normal level returns to 0. However, the levelling requirements do not reset and continue to increase after gaining a Star Level.


EXP is necessary to upgrade a Venue 🔼150 and up.

Each work executed at a Venue in Brigade always provides 0.5 Base EXP to the Venue. The EXP per work changes if one Equipment is used, following this structure:










For what concerns Automators, each work gives 1 EXP.

However, Staking Taco to a Venue applies a bonus to the amount of EXP gained through Brigade and Automators (up to a maximum of 2 EXP for each work).

Venues also gain EXP from Acryptia when players complete floors while playing ranked games inside their selected Venue. Each floor gives 0.1 EXP. The same staking bonus applies.


Venue Owners can convert EXP into EXP NFT by Crystallizing their EXP for tokens + crafting items. The EXP NFT can be transferred and re-converted into EXP by sharding it.

Upgrade Requirements

📔 For a complete of requirements, check out the Upgrade requirements.

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