Season Pass

Acryptia's Battle Pass. Only the most skilled are going to win all the prizes!

Acryptia has a Season Pass system and, being a skill-based game, only the best players are going to collect all the prizes.

Each Season lasts two months, during which, players can win up to 40 prizes in NFTs.

In order to collect all the Rewards, players need to upgrade the Season Pass

Every player is able to win up to 10 free prizes, and have the option to get the Season Pass and unlock the other 30 premium prizes.

The Season Pass is divided in four Levels, and each Level Up can be made using ONI tokens.

Level 1: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 1-10 Level 2: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 11-20 Level 3: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 21-30 Level 4: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 31-40

✅ Players have to complete tasks to be able to claim prizes.

🆓 Players can only win FREE rewards if their Season Pass is Level 0.

ℹī¸ Players can upgrade their Season Pass whenever they want and maintain their task progress.


In order to progress, players need to reach the amount of points required for each prize by completing tasks.

Inside the Tavern, players can find the active tasks and see their level of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. The harder the task is, the more points players will receive for completion.

Regular tasks reset every three days. Extended tasks reset every six days.

Players are able to Reroll task by using ONI tokens

Skipping tasks reduces the chance of winning all the Season Rewards prizes.


By completing tasks and unlocking Season Rewards, players can earn:

NFTs: Taco NFTs, Limited Edition Taco NFTs and WAX Creator NFTs.

Prizes can change every Season.

Venue Owners Rewards

Venues are the main gateways for Taco games, including Acryptia. Because of that, players need to select a Venue before playing the game.

Venues gain points for each ranked game completed by players inside the selected Venue. Based on these points, Venues rank up in the Acryptia leaderboard and gain rewards every season.

These prizes consist of Taco project or other WAX tokens.

Venue Owners Rewards can change every Season.

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