CPU Rent

Rent CPU at the best rates on WAX

The WAX blockchain resource model is based on EOSIO system, and it uses three components CPU - NET - RAM to account for the necessary resources to execute transactions. Learn more.

Users can rent CPU by using their TACO tokens. They can rent CPU for themselves or other wallets.

How to Rent CPU

While renting CPU users can also see the Receiver CPU status:

  • Amount

  • Staked

  • Available & Total

User also have a direct link to get TACO tokens

The CPU Rent is based on this formula:

TACO * Change * Multiplier / Days


The multiplier boosts the amount of CPU rented with the same amount of TACO tokens.

Users can improve their multiplier based on their Swap Staking Level.

Multiplier thresholds: Staking Level 0 = x340 Multiplier Staking Level 1 = x357 Multiplier Staking Level 2 = x391 Multiplier Staking Level 3 = x425 Multiplier Staking Level 4 = x459 Multiplier Staking Level 5 = x493 Multiplier Staking Level 6 = x544 Multiplier

Quick Rent

Users can quick rent CPU for the account they're logged in with.

They can quick rent for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 TACO worth of CPU, for a span of 1, 3 and 7 days.

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