Own promo and passively earn TACO

Holders of Promo NFTs are awarded TACO tokens every Taco Tuesday. TACO are directly airdropped to the user's Taco Swap, "My Account" Balance.

NFTs under this schema are:

  • Taco + Catfresh

  • Let's Taco 'bout it - Join the Beta

  • Taco Rocket - Join the Beta

  • Taco Neon - Join the Beta

  • Taco Zesty - Promo

Each NFT awards 1 TACO every Taco Tuesday, except Taco + Catfresh which awards 5.

Holding multiple of the same NFT will stack the TACO earned.

Promo also serve as bonus NFT for Extractors SHING production.

Users can get Promo NFTs on the Taco Marketplace.

Let's Taco 'bout it

Taco Rocket

Taco + Catfresh

Taco Neon

Taco Zesty

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