Brigade Quest & Arena

Brigade is expanding!

Brigade: Quest

Quest is the PvE (Player versus Environment) evolution of our Free to Earn.

In Quest, players solve riddles, equip their Taconian with NFTs, and head off on missions in different settings and environments to earn rewards.

Player-owned Taconians face off against a variety of challenges in different settings and environments. To give them the greatest chance of survival, players need to equip them with the optimal NFTs each time to get the best results and rewards.

At the beginning of every mission is a riddle, players need to figure out what the correct pieces of equipment to use are (up to 3).

Based on the result (Equipment + Environment + RNG), the player's Taconian earns SHING, Experience Points and Cosmetic NFTs.

By using Enhanced Equipment, players get a bonus in SHING and Experience points based on the Enhancement Level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. This bonus applies only for the players who pick the right Equipment.

Players need to stake Equipment before starting a mission. Each mission will take a different amount of time to be solved.

There is a free to play mechanic for Quest. One free Quest mission per day is granted to all players. This is to help users reach Season Rewards, Achievements, and gain Experience Points, but it does not give immediate rewards in SHING and NFTs.

Venue Owners Rewards

Players need to select a Venue before playing the game. Quest entrances are paid in ONI. Venue Owners set a fee which is deducted from the players’ earnings at the end of each mission.

Brigade: Arena

Arena is the PvP (Player versus Player) expansion of Brigade. In this auto-battle game, players face other players in competitive duels within the Taco Universe Coliseum to increase their ranking. ONI is needed to get into the arena.

Ranking points are crucial to advance in the Leagues and gain more rewards when League Level resets every two weeks. Arena rewards are Ranking Based and, because of this, players need to prove themselves to gain the best prizes.

Every duel won awards Ranking points. Every loss decrease Ranking Points.

Every player is able to use up to three pieces of Brigade Equipment: Power, Luck and Pace. Each affects the chances of winning.

Players need to stake Equipment before jumping into the arena, and a tough fight might leave their Taconian wounded. After each fight, there is a cooldown period depending on damage taken.

There is also a free to play mechanic for Arena. The first two Leagues is playable without the use of ONI. From the third League upwards, Arena entrances are paid in ONI.

Venue Owner Rewards

Users need to select the Venue they want to represent, before playing the game. Venues gain points for every duel (more points if the duel is won by its member). Based on these points, Venues rank up in the Arena leaderboard and gain rewards every 2 weeks.

Leagues: Beginner, Amateur, Silver, Gold, Dream

Quest & Arena - Season Rewards, Taconians, and more

Quest and Arena are going to have more 10 billion different combinations, making Brigade one of the most articulate games on WAX.

Unified Seasons

Each season lasts two months and both Quest and Arena contributes towards Season Rewards. Every season has 40 different prizes: SHING, Experience Points, ONI, Collab and exclusive NFTs, Equipment and Cosmetics.


If order to succeed in Quest and Arena, players need a variety of Equipment and Enhanced Equipment. But also, Taconians.

They are Avatar NFTs, upgradable and customizable. Each player can own more than one Taconian. Players can apply different skins to customize their Taconians, but also apply limited-edition environment skins.

The experience Taconians receive in Quest allow them to Level Up and become more competitive in Arena and for future Quest missions.

Taconians have a cooldown before they can be used again. However, players are able to use more than 1 Taconian to be able to play both Arena and Quest simultaneously.

Quest & Arena release date to be announced yet.

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