Our Governance Token

TACOG is our Governance Token. With it, community members can vote on important decisions about the future of Taco. It is a non-transferable token and TACOG used when voting is burned.

How to obtain TACOG:

  • Own Level 40+ Venues. The level requirement to earn TACOG from Venues is mutable and changes depending on the overall Venues level

Every Taco Tuesday, 1 TACOG is airdropped for each Taco VIP NFT and Level 40+ Venue in the player's wallet.

TACOG has multiple purposes:

  • Assigning TACO rewards to Taco Swap pools through Governance Polls.

  • Vote about important matters concerning Taco

Only Level 40+ Venue Owners can vote: https://app.tacocrypto.io/voting

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