The skill-based dungeon card game

Acryptia is a strategic dungeon card game, in which players have to beat Rug'O the card dealer to complete floors, climb the leaderboard, and win exclusive prizes.

Everyone with Google, Facebook or a WAX Wallet can play for free.

The game unlocked when the first Venue reached Level ⭐ 1 🔼 100.

Acryptia makes use of specific NFTs for its gameplay, although it is not necessary to possess them in order to play.

Season Pass & Rewards

Players are able to collect Acryptia Rewards by completing tasks while playing. Rewards are distributed across a battle pass style system and rewards include NFTs.

Each player is able to win up to 10 free prizes, and have the option to get the Season Pass and unlock the other 30 premium prizes.

For more information, view the Acryptia Gameplay.

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