Complete the dungeon

Story Mode (PvE)

Acryptia Story Mode is a PvE desktop and mobile game. Everyone with Google, Facebook or a WAX wallet can play it for free.

We have recently release a Mobile Alpha versione of the game. Get to know everything here.

Login & Home

  • Log in with your, Google, Facebook or WAX wallet and enter the Tavern

Inside the Tavern, players can:

  • Choose a Venue (mandatory)

  • Enter the Dungeon

  • See the Rewards in Tasks

  • Upgrade the Season Pass in Tasks

  • See Personal Progress

  • See the Season Leaderboards

  • Go to Inventory and Equip Gear NFTs.

  • Change Settings

Season Pass & Rewards

Players are able to collect Acryptia Rewards by completing tasks while playing. Rewards are distributed across a battle pass style system and rewards include NFTs.

Every player is able to win up to 10 free prizes, and have the option to get the Season Pass and unlock the other 30 premium prizes.

The Season Pass is divided in four Levels, and each Level Up can be made using ONI tokens.

Level 1: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 1-10 Level 2: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 11-20 Level 3: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 21-30 Level 4: unlocks PREMIUM rewards from 31-40

βœ… Players have to complete tasks to be able to claim prizes.

πŸ†“ Players can only win FREE rewards if their Season Pass is Level 0.

ℹ️ Players can upgrade their Season Pass whenever they want and maintain their task progress.

For example, if a Player with Season Pass Level 0 has reached prize number 10, by upgrading the Season Pass to Level 1 they will be able to claim all the PREMIUM prizes from prize 1 to 10.

XP: Players need at least Level 1 Season Pass to earn XP for the Venue they’re playing in.

The Tavern

Once the player selects a Venue and clicks on the Dungeon door, enters into the dungeon of Acryptia.

Floors, Board & Deck

Acryptia has 50 dungeon floors of increasing difficulty.

The opponent is Rug'O The Card Dealer. When Rug'O finishes its standard deck of 52 cards, the floor is completed.

If the player closes the browser, after 5 minutes the game is over.

The players start only with a Player Card with 13HP.

Neither Rug'O's cards, or the Player Card, are NFTs. Learn about Acryptia NFTs here.

At the start of the game, Rug'O deals 4 cards at the top of the board. These cards can be: Monsters, Shields, Weapons, Potions, Coins or Chests.

The player has to drag cards from the top to the bottom of the board. When the player drag three cards, the turn finishes and Rug'O plays three other cards, until the deck finishes and the floor is completed.

How to play?

The player has to drag the cards played by Rug'O from the top to the bottom of the leaderboard: the actions can be equip, use and sell the cards.

All the cards, except for Monsters are equipable. The equipable slots are LEFT HAND, RIGHT HAND and BAG.

The cards in the LEFT or the RIGHT HAND are in play, the card in the BAG is on hold.

When in play, Shields and Weapons can be used against Monsters to defend against or attack them. Shields disappear when destroyed by Monsters, Weapons disappear when used against Monsters.

When in play, Potions and Money are immediately used to cure or gain Money. The cards disappear at the end of the turn.

The card on hold inside the BAG can be sold or played by putting it on the LEFT or RIGHT HAND, unless it is Money, which is played even in the BAG spot and disappears at the end of the turn.

Monsters cannot be equipped: they can be killed with Weapons, dragged against Shields or... they can directly damage the Player Card.

If the Player Card goes to 0HP the game is over.


πŸ‘¨πŸ‘© Player Card The most important card. Starting with 13HP, the Player Card can be cured with Potions, but cannot surpass the 13HP limit.

πŸ’€ Monsters Monsters are the only unequippable card and can be killed with Weapons, thrown against Shields or... they can damage your Player Card. The Monster card disappears when its Value goes to 0 or it is dragged directly to the Player Card.

πŸ›‘οΈ Shields Shields can be equipped. They protect the Player Card from the Monsters. Players can drag the Monster on the Shield to avoid full damages. The card disappears when the value goes to 0. Players can sell Shields for their value before equipping them.

βš”οΈ Weapons Weapons can be equipped. They kill Monsters. Players can drag the equipped Weapon on the Monsters to kill or damage them. The card disappears when used. Player can sell Weapons for their value before equipping them.

🍢 Potions Potions can be equipped. Players can drag the Potion on the Player Card to regain HP. The card disappears at the end of the turn. Player can sell Potions for their value before equipping them.

πŸͺ™ Coins Coins can be equipped. It's the only card that it is used when in the bag. The card disappears at the end of the turn. Players can sell Coins without getting any value in exchange.

πŸƒ Chests Chests can be opened when in hands. By opening chests players must choose one of the three cards displayed by Rug'O. Players can get Weapons, Potions or Damage of the same strenghts of the Chest card. Players can also sell Chests for their value.

Gold & Merchant

A core part of the gameplay is collecting Gold by equipping Coins or selling Shields, Weapons or Potions.

Players can spend their Gold at the end of the each floor to heal their Player Card, Tip the Merchant or buy extra cards from the Merchant.

By tipping, the players will try to build a relationship with the Merchant and obtain discounts or greater cards.

The cards bought from the merchant adds to Rug'O's standard deck for the following floors.

Skills, Gear & Relics

Players can equip NFTs before entering the dungeon. These NFTs are Skills, Gear, and Relics. A single player can equip up to three Skills, three Gear and one Relic.

Gear improves the Player Card stats while playing. To Equip Gear you have to go to the Inventory, Stake and then Equip.

Skills are special cards which can be used anytime by the player. Skills can be used only once during the game.

During the game, players can encounter altars and get the chance to draw an extra card, which can be a blessing or a curse. Relics improve the chances of receiving a blessing.

Skills and Relics release to be announced yet.

NFTs are going to be released after the first seasons of the Story Mode. Learn more about Acryptia NFTs.

Challenge Mode (PvP)

Acryptia has also a PvP mode: Challenge mode.

Players have the chance to duel inside the dungeon. The player who reaches the best dungeon floor wins and gets ranking points to climb the leaderboard.

During the game, players can show their skins and interact with exclusive PvP features.

PvP is going to be released after the first seasons of the PvE Story Mode.

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