Promote your project to one of the largest audiences on WAX and all Blockchains.

Advertise your Project

Taco’s Advertising banners are a brilliant way to bring the spotlight on projects, build excitement in communities and get loads of new faces in the door.

Projects can book advertising banners across all the Taco platforms. Maximize your exposure across two different platforms, giving your project the perfect launchpad!

Taco is already a Top 10 project on WAX and Top 30 across all blockchains by users.


Taco Banners have a promotional price of 500 TACO a day. That includes placement on both the Taco Swap and also on the Utility app.

Only 2 projects will be promoted at any one time and time slots must be reserved in advance.

Banners display in a prominent position which receives plenty of footfall at the top of both Taco Swap and Taco Utility App. Taco Swap Desktop: The first project to reserve the slot on the day will be featured on the left hand side. The second, on the right.

Taco Swap & Taco Utility App Mobile: for both Taco Swap Mobile and the Utility App, a singular banner will display which will rotate between the 2 projects in the App Home.

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