It's all about resources

Taco Universe is a management Metaverse game, where players can become entrepreneurs by owning Taco tokens and NFTs and build their position in the Taco world.

Fungible tokens

The Taco Universe utilizes the t.taco tokens, TACO, SHING, and ONI:

  • TACO - The main token, used for upgrading Venues, unlocking & boosting Services, and generating ONI by staking it in the ONI Genesis Pool.

  • SHING - The gaming token, used for crafting Taco Ingredients which can be used for Venues Upgrading or converted in TACO tokens. It is also used for generating ONI by staking it in the ONI Genesis Pool.

  • ONI - The strategic token, used to play and progress in Taco games such as Brigade and Acryptia.


Taco Universe also makes use of various NFTs such as Venues, Extractors, and Collectors.

The centre of the Metaverse are Venue NFTs. They are upgradable and customizable NFTs which are also able to convert SHING into Ingredient NFTs and passively generate SHING.

How to play

Taco Universe is available on both our Website and our Android and iOS Testflight App. Players can log in to their WAX account to start playing.

By upgrading Venues, owners receive multiple perks and stand out in the Universe:

  • Resources: passively earn tokens

  • Community: unlock Taco games, assign Rooms

  • Swag: rename Venue, change NFT image, earn Skins

  • Governance : earn Governance tokens, vote

Venues can be Upgraded within the Taco Universe App and on the Website dashboard. In turn, unlocking Services. See the complete list of Venue Services.

Players can select the ⬆️ arrow of their Venue and pay the upgrade cost stated.

After a level up, a Venue has a cooldown of 16 hours before it can be upgraded again. Learn more about Upgrading Venues.

There is no Level Up limit, as some perks such as passive earning and Skins are designed to progressively increase.

Players can earn tokens to level up their Venue by:

Taco Universe structure allows players to collect the needed resources from Venues, Extractors and Collectors. These resources are useful not only for Venues upgrading, but also in all the other Taco products.


Skins play a crucial role in this Metaverse.

Every 50 Levels, Venue owners unlock 10 Rooms. They are customizable NFTs which can be distributed by Venue owners to their community members.

Rooms can be personalized by their owners, using different items (e.g. collabs, skins, etc.). They are places where players are able to display their progress and Taco experience.

Rooms are the first step towards Taco Universe future 3D Metaverse.

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