Taco Universe

The ultimate Taco Metaverse game

Taco Universe is our NFT-based, Metaverse gaming platform. It is a game itself that also contains Taco games such as Brigade and Acryptia.

The ambition of Taco Universe is to become the most important Web 3.0. gaming hub, where players can meet up, join different games, and showcase their NFTs.

The game is available on both our Website and our Android and iOS Testflight App.

The goal of the game is to collect TACO, SHING, and ONI tokens, upgrade Venue NFTs and to unlock all Taco games and features.

Fungible tokens

The Taco Universe utilizes the t.taco tokens, TACO, SHING, and ONI. Learn more about Taco tokenomics.


Taco Universe also makes use of various NFTs such as Venues, Extractors, and Collectors.

For Information about how to play, see: Taco Universe: Gameplay.

Taco Universe stages

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