Acryptia Mobile

Help us improving the experience on Mobile

We have recently release the alpha mobile version of Acryptia.

Our goal is build the best gaming infrastructure and allow the community to have a great experience while playing.

Supported Browsers

🤖 Android: Google Chrome

🍏 iOS: Safari

Any other browser is currently not supported. Any issue which occurs while playing on other browsers could not be solved by the team.

Good Practices

1) Allow your browser to open pop-up window in order to sign transactions. This action can be done in the phone Settings ⚙ī¸

2) Add page to Home Screen for a full screen experience (PWA). This action can be done in the browser Settings

🤖 Add Home Screen on Google Chrome

  • Browse to

  • Tap on the options menu (three vertical dots icon đŸ’Ŧ)

  • Tap on the Open Acryptia icon 📲

  • Acryptia is now bookmarked on the phone with an app icon (PWA)

🍏 Add Home Screen on Safari:

  • Browse to

  • Tap on the share icon âŦ†ī¸

  • Tap on the Add to Home Screen ➕

  • Acryptia is now bookmarked on the phone with an app icon (PWA)

Allowing browser to open pop-up window or adding page to home screen process might be different, depending on the device.

PWA (bookmark)

When players add to their Home Screen, they are using the Acryptia PWA version.

Playing through PWA guarantees a full screen experience. The PWA browser is the same from which the PWA was added to the Home Screen.

How to clear cache on Acryptia PWA

Clearing cache is an important action, when new versions of the game are deployed.

🤖 Android Clear Cache

  • Tap and hold Google Chrome icon

  • Tap on App Info ℹī¸

  • Tap on Storage

  • Tap on Clear Data

  • Tap on Clear Cache and Confirm

🍏 iOS Clear Cache

  • Tap on Settings ⚙ī¸

  • Tap on the Safari Icon

  • Tap on Clear History and Website Data

This action clears all the stored Cache and history. Players can also clear cache by deleting the bookmark, and Add website to Home Screen again.

⚓ Anchor Login with iOS on Acryptia PWA

  • Tap on the PWA Icon

  • Login with Anchor

  • When the transaction is correctly signed, Anchor opens Safari browser

  • Close Safari or put in background

  • Go back to the PWA and play game normally

For support please go to Taco Discord.

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