Get started with Taco

🏠 Homepage

Inside the Taco App Homepage users can:

  • Claim TACO tokens for free

  • Change account

  • Swap Ingredients for TACO tokens

  • Info banners


Users can press the CLAIM orange button to earn free TACO tokens. This action can be executed every hour.

Each claim gives users a fixed percentage from TACO pool. The amount received is determined by the total amount of TACO held by p.taco. Every time a user swaps tokens in the app, part of the fee is contributed to the faucet pool.

Change account

Users can press 🔄 to switch account. Keep 🔄 pressed to add a new account.

Users can link unlimited Anchor wallet addresses and one WAX Cloud Wallet account.

Swap Ingredients

On top right of the home, users can press the card 🎴 to redeem Ingredients for TACO tokens. Learn more about Ingredients.

Info Banners

Users can learn about other Web 3.0 projects through adv banners. Projects can book adv banners on Taco Swap.

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