Taco Tools

Connect to other dApps on WAX

Taco Tools 🌟

Users can unlock Taco Tools and interact with other WAX dApps through the Taco App.

Some of these tools can be outdated due to dApps smart contracts modifications.

When users use TACO to “Unlock” a feature in the app, the corresponding Sauce NFT is transferred to their wallet. If this Sauce is traded away or sold, the users' access to the Taco Tool is lost.

To unlock a feature, users can also get the correspondent Sauce NFTs on secondary market.

Users don't need to have a Taco Sauce on every wallet they are using with Taco app. Only one linked account needs to have Taco Sauce NFTs.

Taco VIP holders have all the Taco Tools unlocked forever (existing and future ones) without needing to own Taco Sauce NFTs.

There are two types of Taco Tools: Utility and Gaming Tools.

Users can also select their favourites by clicking the "EDIT " button on top right

Learn more about Utility and Gaming Tools.

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