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Table of Contents: How to Play Brigade Venue Values Staking Inside Venues Equipment NFTs Equipment Crafting Equipment Enhancement Daily NFT Lottery Venues NFT Lottery

How To Play Brigade

Venue Values

In Brigade, a player can execute work at their selected Venue. Venues are player-owned, upgradable NFTs that have unlocked Brigade as a service by reaching level 100. In regards to Brigade volunteering, each Venue has 4 main values: SHING Pool, Fee, Bonus, and NFTs.


Venue owners set a percentage fee (between 5% and 50%) that is deducted from every work executed by volunteers. The fee is received by the Venue owner.

๐Ÿ’ง SHING Pool

A SHING pool is assigned every 24 hours to Venues that have reached level 100. As a Venue's pool drains, there will be less SHING available to claim by volunteers.

Total SHING pool is calculated based on the amount of level 100+ Venues and is distributed among venues according to their level using this formula:

๐Ÿงฎ ( total_pool / sum_venue_levels ) * venue_level

Example: total SHING pool: 3,000,000 venue 1 level: 110 venue 2 level: 105 venue 3 level: 100 venue 1 pool: [3,000,000 / (110+105+100)] * 110 = 1,048,000 venue 2 pool: [3,000,000 / (110+105+100)] * 105 = 1,000,000 venue 3 pool: [3,000,000 / (110+105+100)] * 100 = 952,000

SHING Pool progression: 1โ€“10: the pool increases by 1,000,000 for each Venue at Level 100 11โ€“50: the pool increases by 400,000 each 51โ€“150: the pool increases by 50,000 each 151โ€“1150: the pool increases by 15,000 each 1151+: the pool increases by 10,000 each

โญ Bonus (Staking)

Stake TACO inside Venue. This increases SHING earned by Volunteers and EXP earned by the Venue owner. The maximum staking is 10,000 TACO, which equates to a 100% bonus.

Example: A 90% bonus means that players would claim 90% more SHING than at a normal Venue with 0% bonus.


Starting from Level 120, the Venue owner can stake NFTs to their Venue and open a daily lottery. The number shown is the number of NFTs which are distributed daily by the Venue owner in the lottery.

To be eligible to win Venue NFTs, players have to work in that specific Venue. They receive 1 entry for each work. In addition, they receive a number of entries equal to the total Luck value of their equipment.

The Venue NFT lottery is different than the Brigade daily lottery. A single player can win a Brigade lottery pack and a Venue NFT on the same day.

Equipment NFTs

Brigade Equipment allows players to perform work better and more efficiently. See the full Equipment list here.

There are 6 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Higher rarity equipment has higher equipment values.

Each piece of Equipment has two main values: Power ๐Ÿ‘Š and Luck ๐Ÿ€

Power ๐Ÿ‘Š Power increases player's SHING production during the work execution.

Luck ๐Ÿ€ Luck increases the chance of winning NFTs from both the Brigade Daily Lottery and the Venue's NFT Lottery. The more Luck that the player's Equipment has, the more entries they will get.

Example: 1 work with 0 Luck = 1 entry 1 work with 1 Luck = 2 entries 1 work with 2 Luck = 3 entries etc.

Using Equipment

In Brigade, Equipment NFTs are staked when they are equipped and are transferred to the wallet 'brigade.taco' until they are unstaked. Up to 3 Equipment NFTs can be equipped at one time.

Multiple Equipment - Power ๐Ÿ‘Š

The total Power with multiple Equipment when working follows this formula:

total_equip_power / equip_number

Multiple Equipment - Luck ๐Ÿ€

The total Luck with multiple Equipment stacks:

1_base_luck + single_equip_luck + single_equip_luck + single_equip_luck

The number of pieces of Equipment NFTs the player has equipped also changes the cooldown period between work:

Cooldown Period

0 Equipment = 3 hour cooldown 1 Equipment = 1 hour cooldown 2 Equipment = 2 hour cooldown 3 Equipment = 3 hour cooldown

Equipment Upgrade

Players can craft rarer Equipment. This action can only be done inside Venue Labs.

To craft for rarer Equipment, players will need:

  • Equipment

  • Ta-cores

  • Crafting Items

  • SHING tokens

Inside Venue Labs players can also break their Equipment in exchange of crafting items.

Equipment Enhancement

Enhancing Equipment increases the equipment's values. This action can only be done inside Venue Labs.

To Enhance Equipment, players will need:

  • One or more Equipment

  • Ta-cores

  • Crafting Items

  • SHING tokens

For limited edition Equipment, one Equipment NFT is required in addition to suitable Ta-core NFTs.

Players can get Ta-cores by splitting Ingredients. The Ta-cores received depends on the Ingredient rarity.

Important: Splitting an Ingredient is a non-reversible action.


Automators are robot NFTs which execute work inside Brigade Venues every 4 hours. For each work, Automators earn SHING.

Automators can be managed directly inside Brigade by clicking on the yellow ๐Ÿค– button.

Work from Automators doesnโ€™t increase the chance of winning NFTs through Brigade Daily Lottery or by Venue NFT giveaways.

Automators also need Energy to execute work, which is bought with ONI tokens: each work costs 0.01 ONI tokens.

All Automators require the same amount of Energy to execute work, but they have a different mining power based on their rarity.

Learn more about Automators here.

Daily NFT Lottery ๐ŸŽ

A limited number of NFT Packs are distributed every 24h from the NFT pool between all active volunteers. For every 4 Venues at Level ๐Ÿ”ผ 100, one pack is added to the pool with a maximum capacity of 500 packs. Brigade Packs are sorted among all active players, counting the executed work and all applied Equipment bonuses.

Venue NFT Giveaways

Starting from Level 120 and accessible from the Services Menu, Venues owners are able to stake NFTs to be distributed to their Venue volunteers. The Venue owner sets an amount of NFTs which are distributed daily to players from that NFT pool.

The process is automatic for Volunteers. NFTs will be sent directly to their wallet. Volunteers can increase their chance of winning NFTs by using Equipment NFTs with a high Luck value.

The Venue NFT lottery is different than the Brigade NFT lottery. A player can win a Brigade lottery pack and a Venue NFT on the same day.

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