Hon is here.

A turmoil grips the Galaxy, as the rarest and most powerful resource of the Universe has been discovered. It's Hon, a fuel capable of activating any kind of machinery: spacecrafts, robots, entire cities...

Naturally, rarity translates to expense. Naturally, you're drawn by the possibility of earning greatly by obtaining Hon.

You venture into space, but you can't find it. You're starving, and need to eat something, so you stop by a space farm. And suddenly, you see it: the most beautiful swarm of bees you've ever seen. They look fantastic, like they're shining. And then they gift you, they share their shine...

Now, it's your tenth visit to the farm. You know how to treat them and they are always generous with you. Even your attraction to Hon has changed; you know they'll provide for you, but you're also aware they're struggling to produce enough to feed the entire hive.

You're no longer attracted to producing wealth only for yourself; you want to create wealth for the entire hive, and then for the entire galaxy.

On a past visit to the farm, you grasp it: after their space flights, the bees return covered in Hyperium, Oxenoryte, and Novacomb ORE. Back in the hive, they get cleaned by Spacecombs, which encapsulate only one material at a time.

All the resources combined, then work their magic, creating Hon. Before embarking on a new flight, the bees need to consume Hon too, and they even gift strangers with Hon in advance. It's a perfect circular system, but something went wrong.

With the bee population growing, Spacecombs needed to improve their efficiency. It became evident that gathering more than one resource per flight would allow the hive to produce more Hon, feed more bees, and help them fly better.

And this is where you make the difference. A consortium of beekeepers formed the Beendustry Corp., the first company to ever create a production line that could be attached directly to the hive to improve its efficiency. All this without compromising the hive's integrity and health. These remarkable lines are called Chainfields.

Chainfields changed space bees' lives for the better. The bees are happier, more efficient, can consume more Hon, and they're content to share the surplus Hon with the beekeepers of Beendustry Corp.

Now, it's your turn to cultivate a trustworthy relationship with the bees, produce Hon and thrive in the Combz Universe!

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