The strategic resource management idle game with AI integration

Combz is a strategic Idle game that is integrated with AI, requiring players to maximize the potential of their cosmic hive and their spaceships to collect resources efficiently. The goal is to gather resources, craft and purchase NFTs, and climb the leaderboard to secure the best rewards.

Every week, the AI comes into play and generates an Event that can either provide a production bonus or malus on all players.

Combz operates on a shared economy system: 100% of each Combz drop is redistributed back to the community through Season prizes (80%) and token burn & rebuy (20%).

Combz Season & Prizes

Each Combz Season lasts five weeks.

During the offseason, players can continue accumulating resources. There is no reset of resources between seasons; the resources collected remain with the players until they are utilized.

Each Season features a prize pool: players have to use their resources to access the leaderboard.

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