Improve your chances in the dungeon

Gear NFTs are items that can be equipped by the player to enhance their gameplay.

Players are able to equip up to three Gear NFT before playing the game. Gears are equipped directly to the Player Card.

There are three different Gear types: Head, Body and Hand.

By equipping them, the Player Card improves its stats and abilities.

Gear have different abilities which can help you in different aspects of the game. Here you can find the list of Gear Properties we are releasing in S2:

  • Wealth — Chance to receive a 1 Gold bonus when selling cards. Doesn’t apply to Coins.

  • Reforge — Chance to receive another weapon of a lower strength when attacking with 2+ Strength Weapons.

  • Damage Reduction — Chance to reduce Player damage taken by 1 HP when attacked.

  • Regen — Chance to restore 1 HP at the end of each floor.

  • Armor — Add Armor Points to the Player Card. Restorable by resting at the Merchant.

Gears are available in Packs or individually in the secondary market.

Gears can be broken to get in exchange of crafting items. Gear packs can also be crafted. Both actions can be done inside Venue Labs.

Find the full Gear list here.

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