Re-run productions!

Workers NFTs allow you to automatically re-run the exact same production for n times!

They can run it for one or two extra times the same production, and they stack. It means that if you use more than one, players will be able to re-run production for as many time as they prefer.

Workers follow this formula:

chainfield_max_operating_time + chainfield_max_operating_time*sum_of_workers_values = max_operating_time_after_workers_boost


  • Common Chainfield with a Max Operating Time of 6 hours

  • These workers are used in the production: Common (+1 run) + Rare +(2 runs) + Epic (+2 runs)

  • The players is able to run the Common Chainfield for 6 hours + 6*5 hours = 36 hours


1️⃣ When a players applies a Worker NFT, consumes the standard Chainfield usage (1) + the sum of the values of the selected Workers . In the example above 👆 6 usages.

2️⃣ Players need to provide extra resources in the production tank in advance based on the Max Operating Time after Workers boost, otherwise the production will stop prematurely. If Workers NFT are used and the production stops earlier, usages for the Worker NFT and the Chainfield will be counted anyways.

3️⃣ ONI Boost. In order to provide a max ONI Boost players have to provide ONI based on the total amount of uses after Workers Boost (example: +2 uses Worker NFT brings the max ONI Boost to 2 + the standard run= 15).

4️⃣ Sponsorships: If players use sponsorships the number of uses depends on the total Workers value (Example: +2 Worker NFT means 3 Sponsorships usages, 2 + the standard run).

5️⃣ Claim can be done at the very end of all the productions.

List of Workers NFTs available

RarityExtra RunsRepair CostUses



2,000 Novacomb




2,000 Novacomb




3,000 Novacomb




3,000 Novacomb


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