Make the most of your cosmic hive!

The goal in Farms is to combine Chainfields and Spacecombs to produce resources and climb the leaderboard.

There are four game resources: Hyperium, Oxenorite, Novacomb, and Hon.

Hyperium: you can use it to repair Chainfields, to fill the production tank and allow Spacecombs which need input resources to produce, and buy NFTs in the Shop

Oxenorite: you can use it to fill the production tank and allow Spacecombs which need input resources to produce, and buy NFTs in the Shop

Novacomb: you can use it to fill the production tank and allow Spacecombs which need input resources to produce, and buy NFTs in the Shop

Hon: you can use it to enter the leaderboard and earn a share of the Season Prize, Crystallize other resources, and buy NFTs in the Shop

The most pivotal resource is Hon, which serves as an entry to the Season leaderboard and is the currency to buy NFTs through the game shop.

Hyperium, Oxenorite, Novacomb and Hon are not Fungible Tokens. They are in-game resources.

In order to collect resources players can claim from the free faucet once a day or start a new production.

Hyperium, Oxenorite and Novacomb are also crucial in resource gathering for Missions.

Spacecombs & Chainfields

For resource production, players require Chainfield and Spacecombs NFTs. Learn more about Combz NFTs.

Spacecombs are the NFTs responsible for resource generation. They always yield an output resource, and occasionally, they necessitate an input resource for production.

Spacecombs generate resources on an hourly basis and have a limited lifespan, after which they break.

Chainfields are NFTs that house Spacecombs. They possess a maximum operating time and a fixed number of uses before necessitating repair. The maximum operating time remains unaltered over time.

Both Spacecombs and Chainfields rarity goes from Common to Mythic, as well as Levels ranging, which goes from 1 to 4.

These aspects have an impact on the statistics of Spacecombs and Chainfields. Moreover, Levels influence the placement of Spacecombs within Chainfields.

There is no limit on the quantity of Chainfield and Spacecombs a player can possess.


To initiate production, players must possess at least one Chainfield and one Spacecomb of the required level. Learn more about Production here.

To start a production cycle, players must follow these steps:

In order to start a production, players need to:

  1. Select a Chainfield

  2. Populate at least one Chainfield slot with Spacecombs

  3. If necessary, fill the Production Tank with input resources

  4. Apply Bonus

  5. Start Production

Players can start a production by filling at least one Chainfield's slot. However, they will incur in a malus for each empty slot when the production starts.

Upon the conclusion of a production cycle, players can claim the generated resources and initiate a new production cycle.

The production is determined by Chainfield's maximum operating time.

Example: If a Chainfield has a max operating time of 10 hours, the production can last up to 10 hours.

However, a production can finish before if:

  • The lifetime of one of the Spacecomb involved is lower than the max operating time of the Chainfield

  • If input resources are needed for the production and the Production Tank hasn't enough


In my Chainfield I have a Spacecomb that produces 10 Novacomb/h and has a lifespan of 10/h.

My Chainfield has a max operating time of 5/h and 5 uses left.

The production will last 5h due to the Chainfield max operating time and the resources produced will be: 50 Novacomb.

After the production the Spacecomb will have a lifetime of 5/h.

After the production the Chainfield will maintain a 5/ max operating time and will have 4 uses left.

Players cannot start productions without at least one Chainfield and one Spacecomb of the required rarity. Players lacking NFTs can claim resources from the Faucet to earn free resources.


Players have the opportunity to enhance production using up to three bonuses:

  • AI Bonus/Malus

  • ONI Boost

  • Venues Sponsorship

The AI Bonus/Malus impacts one or more resources, similar to the Venues Sponsorship. Meanwhile, the ONI Boost applies to all resources.

Learn more about Bonus here.

Are you a Venue Owner? Learn how to unlock Combz Sponsorships.


Workers NFTs allow you to automatically re-run the exact same production for n times!

They can run it for one or two extra times the same production, and they stack. It means that if you use more than one, players will be able to re-run production for as many time as they prefer.

Workers follow this formula:

chainfield_max_operating_time + chainfield_max_operating_time*sum_of_workers_values = max_operating_time_after_workers_boost


  • Common Chainfield with a Max Operating Time of 6 hours

  • These workers are used in the production: Common (+1 run) + Rare +(2 runs) + Epic (+2 runs)

  • The players is able to run the Common Chainfield for 6 hours + 6*5 hours = 36 hours

Get to know more about Workers here.

Faucet (Free)

As generous as bees, Combz offers a faucet of free resources to all the players.

Each day, players can randomly claim one of three available resources: Hyperium, Oxenorite, or Novacomb.

Additionally, a daily lottery is conducted to allocate a fixed quantity of Hon every day from the faucet.

This ensures that players can build confidence in Combz resources without requiring an NFT.


Players have the option to spend resources to purchase NFTs from the Combz Shop.

Within the Shop, players can acquire a variety of items including Combz NFTs, exclusive NFTs, other Taco NFTs, as well as partner and collaborative NFTs.

They can do it by paying a Farms Resource (between Hyperium, Novacomb & Oxenorite) + Hon + one or more Crafting Items.

Some NFTs will only be available for a limited time, while others will have a maximum supply.

All the resources used to buy NFTs from the shop are burned.

You can check Season 0 Shop NFTs here.


The only method for transferring or selling resources within Combz is through the process of crystallization.

Players use Hon and Crafting Items to crystallize resources, transforming them into NFTs.

Example: a player could spend n Hon and n Crafting Items to convert 500 Hyperium into an NFT equivalent to the value of 500 Hyperium.

This NFT can subsequently be transferred, sold, or sharded within the game, converting it back into 500 Hyperium.

Hon can't be crystallized.

Players can shard the NFT within the game to reconvert it into resources.

Recast & Blend

Recast gives players the opportunity of re-rolling Spacecombs. Players are able to Level Up or Level Down their Spacecombs, which will maintain the same rarity, but gain a different level, and therefore a different input and output. Recast link here.

Only unstaked Spacecombs can be recasted.

Players can recast their Spacecombs for:


  • Crafting Items

The result of recasting can give only a Spacecomb of the current. Check current Season Spacecombs here.

Recasting can be done within Venue Labs. Learn more about Venue Labs here.


Players can blend Combz Redeem Tokens with any Crafting Item and receive a Spacecombs.

Blend odds scheme can be found in the blend link.

The odds scheme can slightly differ based on the Season.

The result of blending can give only a Spacecomb of the current. Check current Season Spacecombs here.

Combz Redeem Token Blend can be done on NeftyBlocks. Blend link.

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