Taco Universe Season Pass

Welcome to the Skins Revolution

Development paused.

The Taco Universe Season Pass is part of the gamification of the Taco Universe Metaverse.

Each Venue Upgrade allows Venue owners to collect points and earn Season Rewards prizes.

Taco Universe Seasons last two months, during which every Venue owner is able to collect up to 40 prizes:

  • 10 free prizes

  • 30 prizes by unlocking the Season Pass with ONI

Following an idea of the type and number of collectible prizes for each Season:

Taco Universe Season PrizesPrizes

Taco Skins (Acryptia, Brigade, MR, Venues, Apps, etc.)


Taco Universe Packs


Skins Packs


Acryptia Packs (Gear, Skills, Relics)


Brigade Packs (Equipment)


Limited Edition Mythic Skin


This first Taco Universe Season is retroactive. It means that Venue Owners earn skins for their previous upgrades once the service launches.

Each Taco Universe Season has its own collection of skins.

Taco Universe Season Pass release date to be announced yet.

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