Make the most of your resources!

The goal in Combz is to produce resources, convert them in Hon and climb the leaderboard.

This objective can be achieved in both of the two games phases: Farms and Missions.

In Farms, players must combine Chainfields and Spacecombs in order to generate resources: Hyperium, Oxenorite, Novacomb, and Hon.

In Missions, players must send their Hexplorers into the universe, equipped with Components, in order to collect resources: Lumingas, Magnetum and Stabilium. Those resource can be exchanged for Hon through Quests.

The most pivotal resource is Hon, which can be used also to buy NFTs through the game shop and crystallize resources into NFTs.

All Combz resources are in-game resources: they are not FT.

All those resources will be crucial for the next phases of the game, which will involve conquest and intergalactic guilds!

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