Acryptia NFTs

Improve the chances of completing the dungeon

Acryptia make use of NFTs for its gameplay, although it is not necessary to possess them in order to play.

Following Season 1, Skill, Gear & Skin NFTs will be gradually introduced into the gameplay.

Players can equip NFTs before entering the dungeon. These NFTs are Gear, Skills & Skins. A single player can equip up to three Skills and three Gear..

Gear gives the player extra abilities during runs.

Skills are special cards which can be used anytime by the player. Skills can be used only once during the game.

Skins are NFTs which allow players to customize their Acryptia dungeon, both in PvP and PvE.


Players are able to equip up to three Gear NFTs before playing the game. Gear is equipped directly to the Player Card. There are three different Gear types: Head, Body, and Hand. By equipping them, the Player Card improves its stats and abilities. Learn more about Gear NFTs here.


Players are able to select up to three Skill NFT cards before playing the game. By putting them in the deck, Skill NFTs are burnt, whether they are used or not during the dungeon.


Players are able to customize their Acryptia dungeon with different Skin NFTs. Players can obtain Acryptia Skins through Season Rewards, Taco Universe Pass and Limited Edition Drops. Each Acryptia Season has its own collection of skins.

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