Taco Swap Governance

Choose the Rewards and where to allocate them

MEAL Governance Polls

Every week, Taco assigns a total amount of 50 TACO a day to 5 TOKEN/WAX MEALs, following this scheme:

Two polls are held every week at the same time.

Stage 1: Qualifications Poll

  • TACOG holders can use their TACOG to vote the tokens they want to receive extra rewards for the associated TOKEN/WAX Liquidity Pools

  • The Top 5 voted tokens will advance to the next poll stage: Rewards

  • Every week Taco Team adds 5 more tokens to the Qualifications based on their presence on Taco Swap and community feedback

Currently, only Level 40+ Venue Owners can vote. TACOG used for voting is burnt.

Stage 2: Rewards Poll

  • TACOG holders can use their TACOG to vote the Top 5 voted tokens of the previous week Qualifications

  • The 5 tokens will get a share of the 50 daily distributed TACO, based on the percentage of votes obtained at the end of the poll

  • Rewards will be distributed on the TOKEN/WAX associated Liquidity Pools

  • In case the pools do not exist, they will be created by the Taco Team

Rewards expire every week, they don’t stack to previous rewards.

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