What's Missing?

Flaws of Web 3.0. Gaming

After picturing a positive scenario both for the traditional and Web 3.0. gaming, we need to evaluate the flaws in the current Web 3.0. gaming market.

Investors believe that blockchain gaming can change this industry forever, thanks to transparency, proof of ownership and tradability of assets.

However, blockchain games have a lot of entrance barriers, many consider them to not be fun and are often speculated as Ponzi schemes.

This has produced negativity in the perception of Web 3.0. gaming. Namely:

1) Web 3.0. games are considered inaccessible, unless you are a developer or particularly tech-savvy.

2) They have a reputation for being boring clicker games, and, even games which are not clickers are inferior to traditional mainstream games.

3) A substantial amount of casual gamers have lost funds, trusting projects with bad economics.

Web 3.0. games need to solve these three main issues before meeting investors' predictions.

Let's now see how Taco solves these three problems.

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